Notting Hill Carnival - Cushions

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Each year, close to one million people fill the streets of Notting Hill, London. But what for? The answer is one of the worlds biggest street carnivals - Notting Hill Carnival, a celebration of the vibrancy of Caribbean heritage and culture. This year it will run from Sunday 25th - Monday 26th August.

Celebrations involve dancers clad in opulent and bright Caribbean costumes dancing to traditional music including reggae, rumba and calypso. Food is celebrated too - with hundreds of stalls offering delicious traditional cuisine including jerk chicken, stews and callaloo. 

The carnivals roots began in 1959, where an event was held to harmonise the relations between indigenous British residents and Caribbean natives. The carnival has lived on ever since, with the colourful parade showcasing the history, rich culture and traditions of the islands. In 2006, the United Kingdom voted to add Notting Hill Carnival to the famous list of icons of England - a true credit to its cultural impact and significance in Britain and the world. 

To showcase some vibrancy ourselves, we have put together a collation of some of our favourite vibrant and tropical cushions at Evans Lichfield, a testament to all things Caribbean. Check out some of our designs below and to browse the full collection, shop online today.

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