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Bee cushions

Images of bees look fantastic on cushions and can give your space a taste of summer all year round. Bees play a pivotal role in our lives, pollinating flowers, fruit and vegetables, enabling plants to grow fruit and seeds. They live their lives in hives, with the members being divided into queens, workers and drones. They are perhaps most well-known for producing honey, generating as much as three times more of it than they actually need for their hives, which is great news for us.

Bee inspired

At Evans Lichfield, we are a leading source for bee-themed cushions. The cushions that we design manufacture and supply to you can add an extra taste of summer to any environment. One of the most popular bee cushions in the range is the Bee Happy Cushion. This design has been hand-painted by our studio artists before being printed onto our soft linen-blend fabric. The cushion itself has a plain linen-blend blend reverse and can be mixed with plain cushions from our Lola Cushion Collection or Royal Velvet Cushion Collections to create a stunning effect.

Popular Evans Lichfield bee cushions

Another incredibly popular bee cushion is the Artistic Animals Bee Bobble Trim Cushion. This cushion belongs to the Artistic Animals Collection, which includes painted creates from fields and forests printed onto linen blend fabrics. Each of these cushions is finished with a charming bobble trim around the edge. One way to create a powerful visual effect is to pair this item with a cushion from the Royal Velvet Cushion Collection range. This design is also available as canvas wall art. Other popular bee-themed cushions in the Evans Lichfield catalogue include the Bee – You Cushion, the Watercolour Bee Piped Cushion and the Busy Bees Blue Cushion.

Why Evans Lichfield?

We are waiting to hear from you if you are interested in purchasing gorgeous bee-themed cushions and wish to find out more about before you commit to a purchase. We have been in the cushion design and manufacturing industry for several years and are based in the highly creative county of Staffordshire. We pay incredible attention to detail when designing and manufacturing our cushions, taking good care of every last stitch so you can admire and enjoy your purchase for many years to come.

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