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There are many people who view cushions as an unnecessary item that only serve to clutter a room. However, we believe that cushions are the integral piece in shaping your interior, adding comfort and timeless style simultaneously.

Their uses are varied, be it as seat cushions, plush velvet cushions for the sofa or outdoor-use on rattan furniture, cushions can complement any area. Variations of style and design mean they can suit any personal preference, making them a lovely gift for loved ones or a finessing touch to your own interior.

One eye-catching style we love is Coastal cushions, with their bright colours and familiar designs bringing warmth to any room. If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea, coastal style cushions can give your home a synergetic feel with the scenery outside the window.

Or, perhaps if you live in a more urban area, coastal cushions can be used to create a soothing and rural feel to your living space, helping to escape the hustle of the city. Vibrant yet sophisticated colour tones make coastal cushions ideal for brightening up any room, particularly children’s play areas or bedrooms.

The fun designs on coastal cushions will make them a hit amongst the kids. Place a pink bunting cushion on the bed or window sill of a girl’s room to bring colour and dainty detail. Alternatively, opt for a blue beach hut or a surfboard design for a boy’s room, providing a warm yet fun feel whilst reflecting his adventurous personality.

Perhaps you’re looking for something slightly more stylish and contemporary. Our Sue Fenlon Coastal Walk Cushion features a beautiful scenic, hand-painted image, perfect for placing on a sofa or armchair to add an artistic feel to your home.

During the dark winter months, it’s so important to keep your home bright and vibrant. That’s why now is the perfect time to purchase and decorate with coastal themed cushions, bringing sunshine and fun in a typically rainy season. Not only will this make your guests feel welcome, but it will provide an escape from the outdoor world.

All of our coastal chair cushions have been expertly designed and manufactured, using only the finest materials.

Evans Lichfield is your port of call for any coastal cushion needs. Having worked in the industry for over 30 years, our expert team know how to create fashionable cushions that will stand the test of time. Available in a range of designs, sizes and fabrics, you’re sure to find a coastal cushion perfect for you.

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