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Cockapoo Cushions

Cushions are the go-to comforting companion to any piece of furniture. They can be functional yet fashionable, adding pops of colour to any room whilst ensuring true comfort and relaxation.

The diverse range of designs available on cushions mean finding one that suits any season, room or individual taste is easy. Be that flamboyant, statement-style cushions or delicate, intricate designs, there’s a cushion to fit everyone. Even dog lovers.

Like cushions are to furniture, dogs are the go-to comforting companion for people. That’s why printing designs of our furry friends onto cushions is the perfect way to create a wonderful warming welcome for any visitors - be that human or canine.

Our range of WaggyDogz cushions can be placed in a variety of places in and around the home. Their natural check on the reverse makes them perfect to sit upon a traditional buttoned armchair in the living room, or place upon a wooden chair to add character to the kitchen.

Alternatively, you could put your cockapoo cushion on the family sofa, perfect for snuggling into in front of the fire on those cold winter nights. Perhaps if you’re feeling extra soft, cockapoo cushions could be placed in your dog’s basket, giving them a comforting canine companion when all the humans go up to bed!

Made out of 100% polyester, our cockapoo cushions can withstand bites and paw marks, meaning you need not worry if your dog takes a particular liking.

Now is the perfect time to purchase a cockapoo cushion, as they would made a great thoughtful gift for loved ones or be used in your own home as a statement piece. Interior décor need not be boring, and our range of high-quality cockapoo cushions will bring character and warmth to any room.

What’s more, all our cockapoo cushions are designed by renowned animal artist Christine Varley, who has over 30 years’ experience in painting portraits, ensuring each cockapoo is precisely painted from the tail to the ears.

Cockapoo cushions are available at £20 in the 43x43cm size, however if you’re looking for something more high-end, opt for our 56x56cm cockapoo soft-touch velvet cushions, available at £30.

All WaggyDogz cushions come with either soft-velvet or natural check reverses, making them versatile to suit any mood. Switch to the checked side for a sophisticated look or bring out the dog design to add fun and homeliness to any room.

Evans Lichfield is the perfect place to get your fluffy fix. With a great range of WaggyDogz cockapoo cushions you’re sure to find the perfect cushion for you.

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