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Nordic Scandinavian Cushions

Life can be tiring. From keeping up with family and friends to managing finances and work commitments, it’s hard to keep everything in balance. Your home is the one place you can escape the chaos and truly relax. So, it’s important to take pride in your personal space by filling it with little touches to make your home a heavenly haven.

Cushions are the perfect interior staple to do just that. With their versatile designs and practicality, they can make any room feel stylish and homely whilst providing true comfort. Whether you’re a simplistic style-guru or a flamboyant fashion-lover, there’s a cushion with your name on it.

Scandinavian style décor has gained real popularity recently, and it’s no wonder why. The eye-catching designs and green-blue pastel tones make Scandinavian cushions the perfect calming additive to your living space.

The variety of designs mean that finding a cushion to suit your interior is easy. From expertly painted Scandi woodland animals such as Squirrels and Stags, to contemporary geometric patterns, Nordic style cushions can fit a range of different tastes.

In our opinion, Scandinavian style cushions are the perfect fit for a living room sofa or armchair, adding a modern yet soothing touch. They would also look great on a kitchen bench or stool, to provide a hint of colour to a plain piece of furniture. Or perhaps place a geometric cushion on a window-sill, giving you an extra seating space whilst wowing guests and passers-by.

Scandi Nordic style cushions will give your home an edge, bringing a multi-cultural feel with their unique composition and design.

We have a collection of 100% cotton prints that will bring a serene Nordic feel to your home. Due to the softness of the material, they are perfect to snuggle into on the sofa and provide optimum comfort when you most need it.

The intricacy of each and every design, particularly on our Hulder Fox Natural Repeat Cushion, make for impressive yet subtle statement pieces in the home. Prices for Scandinavian style cushions range from £13-£17, meaning you won’t be compromised on quality or price.

If you’re looking for a unique Scandi Nordic style cushion for your home, look no further. Our expert artists take pride in their work and have quality assurance at the forefront of all they do, making each and every Scandinavian cushion a bewildering masterpiece.

With over 30 years of experience of using the finest materials, each Evans Lichfield cushion is fit to provide true comfort and quality, giving you luxurious pieces of décor to make your house a home.

Shop our range of Scandi Nordic cushions now and find the perfect product for you, making your house a heavenly homely haven.