Our Velvet Cushion collection is made using our soft & luxurious Royal Velvet fabric.

Royal Velvet is woven with a short & dense pile with a slight sheen to give it both a luxurious look and soft feel.

It's available as a Plain Velvet Cushion range across 3 sizes & 21 colours. It is also available as fabric-by-the-metre which is perfect for making Velvet Curtains & Throws or for crafting at home.

We love to use Velvet on the reverse & piping of our patterned cushions to really finish the product of. This also means you can create a layered look with Velvet mixing plains with patterns like our Bharani & Fawsley ranges.

Other ranges we would recommend mixing our plain Velvet with are Artistic Animals, British Birds, & Watercolour Florals.