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Blue and yellow cushions from Evans Lichfield

There are many good reasons for purchasing blue and yellow cushions from Evans Lichfield. Blue and yellow are two of the most popular colours around and they both have their own set of unique qualities. We can cater for you whether you are seeking blue cushions, yellow cushions or cushions that mix the two. We have been a leading player in our field for over three decades and lead the way when it comes to supplying delightful, comfortable and characterful cushions to brighten up your space.

Bring sunshine into your space

Yellow cushions are ideal for those wishing to breathe life and joy into their space. They are bold and bright enough to help you transform any room and are perfect for those that have opted for a tropical theme. Some of the biggest selling yellow cushions in our catalogue include our Royal Velvet Piped Yellow Cushion, Watercolour Florals Daffodils Cushion and Nordic Birds Ochre Cushion. Yellow is well known for the way that it stimulates the intellect as well as its associations with sunshine and energy.

Soothing and thought-provoking

Blue is a calming and soothing colour known for promoting intellectual thought. It also has strong associations with loyalty, protection and authority. Some say it can even prevent nightmares. When it comes to blue cushions, we can cater for you in a variety of ways. Our most popular blue cushions include the Marine Seagull Seasurf Cushion, the Royal Velvet Piped Blue Cushion and the Jennifer Rose Gallery Coastline Puffins Cushion.

Yellow-blue cushions

If you’re looking for a cushion that offers rich tones of both blue and yellow, we can help. The Flourish Leaf Blue Cushion, the Flourish Eucalyptus Cushion and the Annika Teal Daisy Cushion are amongst the most popular items available when it comes to blue-yellow offerings. We are always on hand to assist you if you ever do need any help with selecting the right cushions for your needs, and we are confident that we can provide you with something that will meet your tastes and preferences perfectly.

Decades of experience

Having been in the cushion design and manufacturing business since way back in 1988, we have what it takes to provide you with cushions to be proud of. We only ever use the finest materials to make our cushions and are noted for our attention to detail. Our cushions are designed to serve you well for several years before replacements need to be sought out. Evans Lichfield blue and yellow cushions are made by our highly creative team in Staffordshire.

Padding options

All cushions come complete with zips that make removal and changing of the inner pad a breeze. There are three pad options available to you. Choose to go Cover Only if a pad is not required or opt for our plush Polyester Fibre, made from 100% polyester virgin hollow fibre. Alternatively, choose our Duck Feather and Down. This is our premium option and is made in Denmark.

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