Yellow & Grey Cushions

Yellow and Grey colored cushions are a match made in heaven. The bright cheer of yellow and formality of grey combine to create a class cushion.

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Yellow and grey cushions

Many people regard yellow and grey as a match made in heaven. Whilst yellow is a very bright and cheerful colour, it can sometimes appear garish when it is paired with certain colours and often requires something a little more serious to tone it down. Grey is a more formal type of colour that compliments yellow brilliantly, and the two colours are frequently combined to create magical, inspiring spaces that simply ooze class.

Style and substance

At Evans Lichfield, we can come to your assistance if you are in need of yellow and grey cushions. We offer a unique range of gorgeous yellow and grey cushions, and there are all sorts of themes to choose from. Our designers are amongst the most creative in the business and work hard to provide you with beautiful, distinctive cushions that add a real sense of welcoming character to your home. Our yellow and grey cushions supply the ideal blend of style and substance and can play a pivotal role in helping you rethink your space and make it a more pleasant place to unwind in.

An extra touch of brightness

Yellow seems to have become increasingly popular amongst interior designers over recent years. It can accent and compliment neutral colours and add an extra touch of magic to your lounge or bedroom. If you do wish to brighten up your interiors but don’t want to go overboard, the addition of yellow or yellow and grey cushions can be the perfect solution. When you browse the Evans Lichfield catalogue, you can choose from an array of fabrics, textures, patterns and colourways and find something that really ticks all your boxes.

A host of themes

Yellow and grey are not the only two-tone cushions that we offer – we can also supply you with classy yellow and blue plus yellow and black cushions to meet your needs. Whether you’re in pursuit of something traditional or a more unique offering, we are confident we can cater for you. Some of the most popular themes amongst our customers include floral designs, landscapes, checked patterns, animal prints and geometry. You are more than welcome to contact us at any point if you do have any queries about any of the products in our range. We are passionate about customer service and are only happy when you are truly satisfied with the purchase that you have made.

First-class materials

Like all our cushion covers, our yellow and grey covers are handmade by us in Lichfield, England. Each cushion comes complete with a zip which enables you to remove and replace the inner cushion pad whenever you need to. When you head to the drop-down menu on the product page, you can opt for cover-only with no inner pad, the polyester fibre pad made from 100% polyester virgin hollow fibre or duck feather and down, our premium option. To learn more about any of the products in our range, simply give us a call on 01543 258797 or send a message to