Yellow Cushions

Yellow Cushions from Evans Lichfield are an excellent choice for your household. Bold and bright colours work wonders in transforming a room. Yellow cushions and covers are a great companion to tropical themes and other bright colours.
View our unique range of yellow and grey cushions.

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A positive and timeless colour trend, yellow cushions are a great style investment. A great choice for any home, yellow cushions will add a modern and bright flourish to your living space.

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Mustard Cushions

Yellow cushions are swiftly becoming a staple in many interiors, and it’s clear to see why. Whether it’s accenting and complimenting your neutrals, or simply adding a touch of spark to your living room, the summery tone is a must have for brightening up your interior.

We have all sorts of luxury yellow cushions to choose from - each with their own distinctive colourway, patterns, fabric and textures - meaning finding your ideal handmade, bespoke yellow cushion shouldn’t be a struggle.

Yellow is often used as a stand-alone colour, but pairing it with an offset can add unique charm and style to your living space. We offer a range of two-tone cushions, from yellow and grey, yellow and blue and yellow and black to suit any surroundings.

Our expert designers have creativity at the forefront of all they do. That’s why we have a breadth of designs and patterns, to suit the most eccentric or the more conventional tastes. From animal prints to traditional checked patterns, floral designs to landscape and scene, we’ve got you covered.

Yellow and Grey Cushions

See our range of Yellow and Grey Cushions here.

Yellow and grey tones work in perfect symphony and can be used to merge style with substance. Take a look at our Country Bumblebee Piped Cushion, showing how intricate, quirky designs can be sophisticated through pairing these two tasteful tones. We offer several other yellow grey cushions which include animals.

Blue and Yellow

If you want to bring cheer and vibrancy into your home, blue and yellow cushions are your port of call. The endearing, bright shades supplement each other perfectly and can be used to add modernity and character to any room, without loosing that authentic, handmade feel.

Yellow and Black

For a touch of contrast, yellow and black cushions can elevate your surroundings into a haven of tranquility. Our Royal Floral Monogrey & Ochre Velvet Piped Cushion is the perfect fit when you’re looking for a subtle hint of colour, or simply want to add artistic décor to your living space.


Here at Evans Lichfield, we have an extensive range of materials to suit any use. The variety of materials available to us has widened substantially over the years due to advancements in technology, globalization and cross-cultural influence - meaning customers can choose from various types of luxurious cushion fillings and covers to suit their needs.

If comfort is your priority, opt for a duck feathered-filling (available with our Hulder Squirrel Ochre Cushion), a delectably soft texture allowing for true relaxation. Or, if you’re using your yellow cushion for function over fluff, our hassock, headrest and bolster cushions can be used in external environments, providing protection from hard ground – ideal for use on sun loungers or rattan furniture.

Why Evans Lichfield

We have been making cushions with craft since way back in 1988, with all products being designed and manufactured by our expert creative team in Lichfield. We offer wide varieties of handmade cushions designed to suit all decorative styles, tastes and seasons and are renowned for our attention to detail. As well as offering handy advice on cushion maintenance, we strive to produce high quality products that will stand the test of time, and be a staple style icon in your home.