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Choosing cushion fillings and matching wall art

Advantages of buying duck feather and down cushions

There are many advantages of buying duck feather and down pillows. Feathers used for pillows come from the outer body of geese and ducks. Feathers are the protective covering found on such birds, and down is located beneath it. Down provides birds with insulation. The protective nature of feathers makes them perfect for cushions and pillows. Duck feather and down pillows have become incredibly popular over recent years and can last for around a decade and a half as long as you take good care of them.

Durability and longevity

If you are seeking a durable cushion that you’ll be able to rely on for many years, duck feather and down may well be the ideal solution for your requirements. At Evans Lichfield, we offer some of the most competitively priced duck feather and down cushions on the market, with many customers returning to us time and time again when they wish to add to their collection. Feathers don’t clump together, which means they can provide you with year after year of luxurious comfort. By fluffing your feather cushions on a regular basis, they can stay as fluffy as they were when you originally purchased them. Many people opt to fluff their cushions every single day. It only takes a moment or so to fluff a cushion, yet the results can be fantastic. To fluff your cushion, all you need to do is put your hands on each side of it then clap. By forcing air back inside your cushion, it becomes re-inflated and able to provide all the support that you require.

Outstanding support

Duck feather and down cushions are noted for the excellent support that they provide, which makes them excellent for dozing. Many people describe the sensation of placing their head on a duck feather and down cushion as comparable to resting on a cloud. It’s advisable to wash your duck feather and down cushions once every six months or so to avoid problems with bacteria, germs and microbes, which can result in allergies and skin diseases. Always adhere to the instructions that come with your cushion and give them enough time to try after you have washed them to prevent mould and mildew growth.

Protect your cushion with a cover

Your cover plays a big role in prolonging the life of your cushion. One of the best things about our cushions is that you can easily buy a large range of covers and replace them whenever you see fit. Many people switch over their cushion covers when the seasons change or when they simply wish to refresh the look of their space. Covers prevent saliva, sweat and moisture from seeping into your cushion. There are all sorts of themes and designs to choose from at Evans Lichfield. No matter what kind of ambience you are seeking to create, we are confident that you will find something that suits within the range, with new designs being added to the catalogue frequently.

Benefits of polyester fibre cushions

Polyester fibre is also an ideal filling for cushions for all sorts of reasons, with many allergy sufferers opting for this option over duck feather and down. Polyester fibre is renowned for its durability and stability. It is a man-made fibre used for all sorts of purposes. There are four types of polyester fibre available, including filament, staple, tow and fibrefill. With filament, the fibre is cut into one long length, whereas staple sees fibres cut short into set lengths so they can be mixed with other fibres. With tow, fibres are in one length but are bound together more loosely, and fibrefill comes in large volumes and is known for its bulkiness. Filament and staple are the two most commonly used fibres, though fibrefill is used for most cushion fillings. This is due to its softness and bulkiness. You will need to plump polyester fibres cushions regularly to avoid flatness. By plumping your cushions, you can add air to the fibres, causing them to fill out. Fibrefill is often described as a synthetic equivalent to duck feather and down. Many cushions and bedding products are produced with fibrefill today. Fibrefill is famously versatile and often used by people making cushions of all sizes.

Do you require matching wall art for your cushions?

Many Evans Lichfield customers opt to purchase matching wall art for their cushions to create an extra sense of harmony. We currently offer over 130 different wall art products based on the designs of our cushions, with themes including animals, checks, Christmas and coastal. You can either opt for wall art products featuring the same image or images as your cushions or instead purchase art work that will compliment your cushions brilliantly. If you do need any help with selecting matching wall art for your cushions, feel free to get in touch. We know our catalogue inside out and can identify matching art work in no time at all. Our most popular wall art products include the Artistic Animals Profile Hare, Country Pheasant Blue, Waggydogz Blonde Cockapoo and Country Manor Indian Ducks Canvas Wall Art, though these are just a few examples of the many products in our catalogue.

How wall arts can help you select cushions for your space

Our wall art products are also designed to stand the test of time and can take pride of place in your lounge, kitchen, bedroom and outdoor space for years to come before they need to be replaced. Wall art has a vital role to play when it comes to interior design and can help you cement the stylistic theme you wish to implement. Many customers even opt to purchase their wall art first before browsing our catalogue to find the right cushions to complement it. Another great reason for purchasing wall art before cushions is that it provides you with a valuable source of inspiration in the form of an instant colour palette. Why not start browsing today?