The Ultimate Guide to Cushions - Cushion Maintenance


Cushion maintenance

Treat your cushions with care to prolong their lives

At Evans Lichfield, we offer a wide range of gorgeous, handmade cushions designed to take pride of place within your home year after year. Once you have purchased your cushions, chances are you’ll be eager to keep them in perfect condition for as long as possible so you can enjoy them for many years before they need to be replaced. If you’re looking for valuable information on caring for and maintaining your cushions, read on.

Avoid flattening

To prevent your cushions from becoming flat, it’s essential to take various preventative measures. Pets can cause our cushions to change shape over a period of time, so try to encourage them to sleep and rest elsewhere if possible. Humans can also reduce the performance and visual appeal of cushions over time, so use robust, hardwearing cushions for relaxing and sleeping on, saving lighter, more fragile cushions for decorative purposes.

Turning your cushions

You may well wish to turn your cushions and pillows on a regular basis. This will ensure they wear equally on each side. If you don’t turn your cushions, they can become flattened on one side over time. Spending a little more on cushions is a worthwhile move if you wish to achieve as much longevity as possible from them. As you would expect, costlier cushions tend to last substantially longer than cheaper ones.  

Removing dust and adding air

It’s also advisable to take your cushions outside every few weeks and softly beat a broom handle against them to remove dust and ensure air can get to them. You can also hit softer, smaller cushions against each other to add air and help them maintain their shape. It’s also possible to enhance the longevity of your cushions by swapping them over every so often. Those with different sets of cushions for different seasons can attest to this.

Obtain years of joy from your cushions

You may need to treat certain types of cushion differently. Most cushions require regular plumping so flattening can be avoided. Foam cushions are particularly robust and require less maintenance. However, you can rotate them from front to back to ensure even wear over time. Feather cushions need to be plumped every 1-2 days to maintain their appearance and ensure the filling is distributed equally. You can do this by patting them enthusiastically, which sends air back into them whilst separating the filling. If your cushions come with cleaning and maintenance instructions, make sure you comply with them.

Dealing with spillages

If you do notice a spillage on your cushion, try to get to it as soon as you can. By acting as quickly as possible, you can reduce the chances of the stain becoming permanent. Avoid saturating the inner with liquid or water and enable the item to dry thoroughly before you re-use it. You should also protect your cushions from direct sunlight and keep sharp objects away from them to avoid tearing and other damage. If you do use cushions outdoors, store them indoors when you are back in the house, or at least undercover. Avoid sitting on lighter coloured cushions whilst you are wearing denim jeans as this can result in irreversible staining. You can get air flowing through your cushions by opening the zip or alternative opening slightly.

Sofa maintenance

Many people carry out sofa maintenance at the same time as cushion maintenance. Sofas can be particularly expensive these days, so it’s wise to do all you can to keep your suite looking great for longer. A large number of modern sofas are upholstered, which means you can’t easily remove fabric from them. This is due to laws about fire safety and means one of the best ways to look after your sofa is to hoover it. If you have a leather sofa, you can also wipe it with a damp or dry cloth. This will help you remove dust. Avoid using washing liquid, baby wipes and detergents as these can substantially shorten the life of leather sofas. Leather cleaning kits can help you maintain your sofa safely.

Buying fabrics

Many of our cushion designs are also available as fabrics, which you can purchase by the metre and use for any purpose. Some of the most popular fabrics in our range include the Stirling Check Hunter Green Fabric, Stirling Check Heather Fabric, Royal Velvet Fabric, Country Rural Leaping Hare Fabric and Secret Garden Cornflower Fabric. There are over 40 different fabrics to choose from. You can also buy replacement covers for our cushions if your existing item is showing signs of wear and tear. Feel free to contact us at any point if you have any queries about any of the cushions or fabrics in our range.

Advice and support

At Evans Lichfield, we are always on hand to provide you with advice and assistance when you need help with maintaining cushions you have purchased from us. All our cushions are designed with maintenance in mind and come with a zip that allows you to remove and change your inner cushion pad or cover with ease. We are passionate about delivering the best customer experience possible and want you to enjoy your cushions for years to come. In the unlikely event that you receive a defective or damaged cushion from us, we can arrange a replacement. Simply send us an e-mail to notify us prior to sending your item back to us.