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Cushion themes

Make the most of the themes available to you

At Evans Lichfield, we offer cushions themes to meet a host of tastes and interests, including animal, coastal, landscape and phrase-inspired cushions to give just a few examples. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular themes and products right now.


Animals are a particularly popular theme amongst cushion buyers. The tones of animal fur can go a long way to creating a wonderful sense of ambience inside your space. Evans Lichfield is a noted source for cushions with designs inspired by a wide range of animals. Our range includes stag cushions, fox cushions, hare cushions, hedgehog cushions, cow, robin, squirrel, bumblebee, butterfly, giraffe, owl, elephant, bunny, pheasant, leopard and donkey cushions.

The Hand Painted Stag Hunter Green Cushion is one of the biggest-selling animal-themed cushions in our range. The painting that adorns the cushion is printed in county faux wool with Hunter Green Check backs that make it an ideal addition to a wide range of decorative styles. This dry-clean-only cushion is made from 100% polyester. The charming, wintry Portrait Fox Cushion is made from 100% polyester at the front and 100% cotton at the back. The cushion is available as a cover only or with duck and feather or polyester fillings. The Rural Leaping Hare Cushion is one of our most enduring products. The image adoring the cushion is printed onto linen blend Malaga fabric, and canvas wall art is also available. You can clean this product safely in your washing machine at a temperature of 40 degrees.


One of the main benefits of purchasing check designs is that they rarely fall out of favour. We are able to offer a wide range of timeless check cushions in various colours to meet a host of tastes, whether you’re on a tight budget or have more to spend. Our Stirling Check cushion is available in a number of colour schemes including blue/grey. The soft-brushed textile cushion is made from 100% polyester and is washable in your home machine. Another particularly popular part of our range of checked cushions is our Country Manor Floral Rustic Cushion, which features a design hand-painted by our in-house studio artist and exudes class and grandeur. Selected matching wall art canvases are also available.


Our festive cushions are ideal for display throughout the winter months, not just during the Christmas period. These cushions feature a host of charming winter images, including stag heads, robins, donkeys and many more. Some of our biggest-selling winter and Christmas cushions include the Wild Thing Stag Head Photographic Cushion, the Country Robin Piped Cushion, Sue Fenlon Starry Starry Night Cushion, Christmas Hare Cushion, Winter Donkey Cushion and the comforting Hygge Definition Cushion. If you’re eager to add a touch of cosy, snowy magic to your space, this range is for you.


We also supply a wide range of coastal-themed cushions to cater to those craving sun, sea and sand. There are hundreds of cushions to choose from in our coastal range, including images of florals, cornflowers, seagulls, bluebells, birds, beach huts, seaside gardens and many more. The most sought-after cushions in the coastal collection include the Marine Seagulls Seasurf Cushion, the Nordic Seedheads Ochre Cushion, the Sue Fenlon Morning Light Cushion and the Jennifer Rose Gallery Coastline Oyster Catchers Cushion. Our coastal cushions are ideal for the summer months but can be admired throughout the calendar.


If you’re interested in showcasing your patriotism, our flag cushions can provide the perfect solution. This range currently includes UK, Scotland and USA-themed items, such as the Union Jack Tapestry Cushion, Union Jack Lion Tapestry Cushion, Churchill Bulldog Tapestry Cushion, Stars & Stripes Tapestry Cushion, Winston Bulldog Tapestry Cushion and the St Andrew Tapestry Cushion.


Timeless floral cushions are as charming as they are comforting and welcoming. We offer a diverse range of floral cushions to compliment a host of decorative styles, with new designs being added to the collection on a regular basis. Popular items include our Royal Floral Pumpkin Velvet Piped Cushion, Blooms Pink Peonies Cushion, Secret Garden Cornflowers Cushion, Watercolour Florals Daffodils Cushion, Watercolour Florals Meadow Cushion and Sue Fenlon Peonies & Roses Cushion. The cushions can add a welcome dash of colour to your space throughout the year and are ideal for anyone wishing to transfer elements of the great outdoors into their own internal environment.


Our geometric cushions come complete with all sorts of colourful, eye-catching designs that can help you change the nature of your space for the better. Amongst our highest-selling geometric cushions are the Morocco Wine Piped Cushion, Skandi Hearts Cushion, Nordic Birds Blue Cushion, Fawlsley Knoll Grey Piped Cushion and the Bharani Chandra Green Piped Cushion. The vast assortment of colours available to you means you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect geometric cushion to meet your stylistic preferences and existing colour scheme within this collection.

Landscapes and Scenes

Landscapes and scenes cushions from Evans Lichfield come complete with a range of idyllic images including gardens, coastal scenes, quaint villages, woodlands and many more. A large number of the cushions in this collection feature paintings from the acclaimed Sue Fenlon. The most prominent sellers in the range include Sue Fenlon’s Morning Light Cushion, Peonies & Roses Cushion, Coastal Walk Cushion, Seaside Gardens Cushion and Village Green Cushion, with other popular options including the Jennifer Rose Gallery’s Welcome, Woodburner and Telephone Box London cushions.


Phrases are a particularly popular option when it comes to home furnishings and décor. Many people opt for amusing, witty quotes and phrases, whilst others seek out inspirational and motivational messages. Phrase range favourites amongst our customers include the Phrases Home Gin Cushion, Phrases Home Mum Cushion, Phrases Prosecco, Love and Laughter Cushion and Phrases You Are My G&T Cushion.


Sometimes a simple plain cushion is all that’s needed to breathe new life into your lounge, bedroom or conservatory. If you are seeking plain cushions for your space, we have a wealth of options to choose from, with more than 60 different items being available in our plains range at the time of writing. When it comes to popularity, the Royal Velvet Green Piped Cushion, Fuchsia Piped Cushion, Amethyst Piped Cushion, Lilac Piped Cushion and Pumpkin Piped Cushion have won many hearts over recent times. The Savannah Chenille Midnight Piped Cushion, Duck Egg Piped Cushion, Terracotta Piped Cushion have also fared particularly well amongst our valued customers.

Don’t forget, you’re welcome to contact us at any time if you do need help with selecting the best cushions for your particular requirements. Why not get in touch today to find out more?