The Ultimate Guide to Cushions - Cushions for different rooms


Cushions for different rooms

Buying cushions for specific rooms

The days when cushions were only used within lounges and living rooms are now long gone, so it’s perfectly natural to wonder which cushions are right for the dining room, bedroom, patio and so on. The cushions of today aren’t simply functional – they can be used to make a wide array of statements and completely change the character of your space.

Cushions for bedrooms

When it comes to selecting cushions for bedrooms, the kind of item you should opt for will depend on your specific needs. Many bedroom cushions are used for decorative purposes only, which means you are free to opt for pretty much any kind of filling you like. However, if you’ll be using your bedroom cushions for support, you will need to opt for something a little harder wearing.

How many cushions do I need for my bedroom?

The number of cushions you opt for will also depend on personal preference. Some people feel more at home when an abundance of cushions are placed on their beds, whilst others are happy with keeping one or two in their private space. It’s also important to think about space when considering cushions for your bedroom. If you opt for particularly sizeable cushions, the overall effect can be off-putting. However, large beds can overpower smaller cushions. If you are opting for a diverse arrangement of bedroom cushions, you may wish to place the larger ones at the back and the smaller ones at the front.

Avoiding damage

If your bedroom frequently plays host to young children and pets, you will need to opt for durable, washable cushions that can easily withstand spillages. It’s never wise to opt for expensive cushion covers when pets are around, though it is possible to buy low-cost covers that mimic the appearance of authentic silk and other elegant materials convincingly. Another problem with adding a large number of cushions to your bedroom space is that you probably need to remove them every evening before replacing them in the morning. If this seems too fussy, it may be best to opt for a smaller number.

Examine your current décor

You also need to think carefully about your existing bedroom décor when it comes to choosing cushions for your space. Think about what the most prominent colours in your room are before attempting to either match them or opt for colours that complement them. Many people look to their curtains, chairs and other furniture for inspiration as well as the colour of their bedding. If you have various styles of bedding in your wardrobe, you may wish to invest in more than one set of cushions to complement each of them. You may also wish to opt for the same or similar material to your bedding when choosing cushions. If you have plain bedding, you may wish to select patterned cushions or cushions with images to prevent your layout from seeming too bland.

Cushions for gardens and patios

The vast majority of us like to do all we can to make the most of the summer months, which means spending considerable amounts of time in the garden. You shouldn’t need to cut back on comfort when enjoying your outdoor space, and by selecting the right products for the job you can create magical memories without shortening the life of your cushions. Don’t forget to take your cushions back inside when you are not using them unless they are sheltered from the elements.

Check for dominant colours

It’s always wise to take a good long look at your surroundings when selecting cushions and pillows for your external environment. Are there any dominant colours within your existing outdoor set-up? If so, opt for colours that match or complement these. Does your space have an overlying theme? If so, be sure to buy cushions that fit in with its current ambience. If you have various stony, grey areas in your garden or patio, you can add a dash of energy to the space by investing in brightly-coloured cushions. Don’t just think about what appears to be on-trend as chances are such solutions will fall out of favour in a year or two. Prioritise your own tastes over current trends and choose cushions that you will genuinely love seeing whenever you step outside.

Prioritise your personal preferences

It’s also important to prioritise comfort over what appears to be ‘in’ currently. No matter how trendy your cushions look, they will be of little use to you or your guests if you don’t actually enjoy sitting on them. By choosing the best cushions and furniture for your outdoor space, you can create amazing summer memories that you’ll be able to cherish forever, whether you’re arranging a family gathering, housewarming party or any other kind of big social event.

Cushions for all areas of the home from Evans Lichfield

At Evans Lichfield, we design, manufacture and supply cushions to suit a range of needs. Our cushions take pride of place in all areas of the home, and we can cater for you whether you need products for the lounge, bedroom, patio, garden or anywhere else. More and more people are opting for our products when they require cushions to meet various needs. Our cushions are designed to withstand many years of use before they need to be replaced. We have grouped our cushions and other products into a large number of themes so you can easily find the products that you are looking for, including animal cushions, blooms, checks, coastal, country, flag cushions, landscapes and scenes, phrases, plains, textures and many more.

Thirty years of experience

We have been a leading player in our field for three decades and are confident that we can supply cushions to meet any taste and are also able to provide a wide range of other products for enhancing the stylistic appeal of your home, including wall art, aprons and fabrics. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any point if you do have any queries about any of the hundreds of cushions in our catalogue.