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Say it with colour

Make the most of colour when choosing cushions

It’s possible to use cushions and colours to achieve all sorts of visual results. Though many people simply opt for the colours they like and hope for the best, this is not always successful due to the way colours can interact with each other and the fact that some combinations are more effective than others. Interior designers have an excellent knowledge of colour and know exactly which colours and textures to use in order to create the right kind of atmosphere and mood.

How colours influence our perception

The three primary colours are red, blue and yellow. We can mix these colours together to create the secondary colours, with blue and red resulting in purple, yellow and blue producing green and yellow and red generating orange. Colours are able to motivate us, make us feel more safe and relaxed, cheer us up and also stimulate feelings of melancholia, fear and disorientation. It’s important to opt for colours and colour schemes that make us feel good when choosing cushions and other decorative items for our home.

Space can also be very important when it comes to picking colours. Brighter colours can make rooms feel bigger, whilst darker ones can make them appear smaller. Not everyone associates all colours with the same emotions. For instance, many people find black depressing, whilst others find it sleek and exciting. However, some colours are strongly associated with certain feelings. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly-used colours in interior design and explore the feelings they are often associated with.

Create the right ambience

Colour is incredibly important when it comes to enhancing moods and creating atmosphere. Colours have always been linked to specific feelings and moods, which is why they have such a big role to play when it comes to determining the character of your home. By understanding how different colours work within the home, you can make the right decision when it comes to furnishing it with cushions, curtains and various other items.

The benefits of brown

 Brown is often associated with nature and comfort. It is often regarded as a neutral colour because it is a mix of various other colours. We may also associate it with treats such as chocolate and coffee, which is one reason why it is so often seen in places such as cafes. Nonetheless, some shades of brown can seem tired, with the colour often being associated with decades gone by like the 1970s, which is why so many people choose to offset it with lighter colours. Colours that are often paired with brown include white, blue, mint and yellow. One of our most popular brown cushions is the Country Red Squirrel Piped Cushion, which features softly coloured watercolour animals printed onto cotton/linen blend Leenane fabric and a contrast Stirling check. Matching Canvas Wall-Art is also available.

Why choose white?

White is often linked to modernity as well as tradition, purity and cleanliness. It can make homes appear airier and make ceilings appear higher than they are. White is often used alongside various neutral colours such as brown, grey and black as well as brighter colours like purple and red. Because white is a neutral colour itself, it fits with pretty much every colour you can imagine. Many customers come straight to Evans Lichfield when they wish to purchase white cushions. The charming Coast Beach Huts Blue Cushion has become one of our most popular cushions recently, offering charming seaside colours alongside pure white. This timeless coastal offering has a 100% cotton cover which is machine washable.

Going for grey

Grey is a subtle colour which can create a stunning effect when placed alongside other pale colours.  It’s important not to overdo things if you wish to bring grey into your space, as overusing it can make your environment seem uninspiring and drab. Colours often paired with grey include light blue and green. One popular grey offering is the elegant and sumptuous Royal Velvet Dark Grey Piped Cushion, which is created with soft touch pile and ideal for sinking into at the end of a long day. Its cover can be washed in household machines and is made from 100% polyester.

Be bold with black

Black can be incredibly powerful and elegant. It can emphasise brighter colours within your space but is best used sparingly, as too much black can be overbearing. Interior designers often pair black with colours like navy, yellow, orange, green, pink, red, purple and turquoise. Our Feathers Piped Black Cushion features detailed feather quills and can be filled with duck feather and down or polyester fibre, as with all our cushions.

Why yellow can be your best option

Yellow is frequently used to breathe light and optimism into homes. Few interior designers choose to flood spaces with the colour, though it can be used to stunning effect when paired with the likes of white, green, yellow, brown, blue, pink and orange. At Evans Lichfield, we offer a wide selection of yellow cushions, such as our fun 100% cotton Nordic Seedheads Ochre Cushion and the Watercolour Florals Daffodils Cushion, which is ideal for summer and features an original watercolour painting as well as British-Woven cotton/linen fabric at the reverse.

Could pink be perfect for you?

Pink is of course heavily linked to romance and femininity. Pink is strongly linked to sweetness and freshness and can work particularly with well with colours including white, black, mint green and turquoise. Popular pink cushions within our range include the Kendal Pink Cushion, which is constructed from textured plain fabric and features a gorgeous handle, perfectly at home in contemporary and traditional settings.

Purchasing purple cushions

Purple is closely related to luxury, serenity and relaxation. Bluish purples tend to be calmer, whilst redder shades can be incredibly bold and powerful. It also brings about associations with royalty and affluence. Animals and nature are particular popular themes with our customers, with the Country Butterfly Piped Cushion being a big seller. This cushion features a beautiful butterfly on the front, with a Stirling check found on the rear. Matching wall-art for this cotton/linen blend Leenane fabric cushion is also available.

Opting for orange

Orange evokes feelings of warmth, stability and reassurance and is ideal for living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms. Some experts suggest it could even help us with digestion. It can also make bigger rooms appear smaller and cosier. The Nordic Seedheads Burnt Orange Cushion, Royal Floral Pumpkin Velvet Piped Cushion and Royal Velvet Pumpkin Piped Cushion are all perfect for lovers of this enduring colour, as are the Stirling Check Orange Cushion and Savannah Chenille Terracotta Piped Cushion. Another favourite amongst our customers is the Feathers Pumpkin Piped Cushion, which comes complete with a gorgeous feather quill design in tones with match the Royal Velvet found on the cushion reverse and piping. Though this product is a particularly great fit for the autumn months, it can add warmth and comfort to your space throughout the year.

Is red the right choice?

Red has strong connotations of passion and stimulation. Though it can represent threat and danger in some contexts, warmer shades can be incredibly uplifting. The colour is often found in kitchens and dining areas due to its association with hunger. When it comes to red, we have a wealth of options available. These include the Savannah Chenille Wine Piped Cushion, an elegant ribbed chenille which sits harmoniously alongside products from the Morocco Collection and the Autumnal Anemones Velvet Piped Cushion, which features dramatic hand-painted autumn flowers printed onto soft velvet and comes complete with Royal Velvet reverses and piping. This 100% polyester cushion is machine-washable and is an ideal match for our Royal Velvet offerings.

Boost your mood with blue

Blue is ideal for those wishing to evoke feelings of clarity and coolness. Blue is often found in environments where work takes place and is said to lower heart rates and blood pressure. Light shades of blue can make rooms appear bigger. If your space receives a great deal of sun and heat, you can use tones of blue to cool it. Many people use blue to reduce feelings of hunger. Different tones of blue are frequently paired with all sorts of colours, including grey, purple, red, yellow and black. As you may expect, there are scores of blue and blue-tinged cushions in the Evans Lichfield catalogue. Substantial numbers of our customers opt for blue offerings like the Sue Fenlon Bluebells Cushion, Royal Floral Blue Velvet Piped Cushion and the Nordic Birds Blue Cushion, which lends a charming, soothing and sophisticated Nordic feel to your space.

Make your space greater with green

Another colour with rich associations with calmness and relaxation is green, which is heavily connected to nature and forestry. Green is often combined with colours like white, blue, brown, purple, orange, yellow and red. The Royal Velvet Green Piped Cushion has found its way into homes across the UK and beyond, as have other green and green-tinged favourites like the Sue Fenlon A Summers Day Cushion, Country Manor Hare Heather Piped Cushion and the

Bharani Chandra Green Piped Cushion. Our handmade Acorns Sage Cushion is made from 100% cotton, designed to bring a sense of rural delight into any home and is manufactured in our Lichfield base.

Gain from gold

Gold is a close relation of the colours yellow and brown and is strongly connected to wealth, excellence, passion, glamour and magic. Our catalogue is home to a diverse range of elegant gold and gold-tinged cushions, including the Royal Velvet Gold Piped Cushion, Savannah Chenille Gold Piped Cushion, Bharani Arora Ochre Piped Cushion and March Hare Ochre Cushion.

Meet the future with metallic

Metallic has become highly sought-after over recent times, with our Mercury Ochre Cushion generating a high level of interest from our customers. Our Mercury Ochre Cushion features sumptuous velvet with a distressed metallic finish. Further metallic options include the Mercury Teal Cushion, Mercury Dusky Pink Cushion, Skandi Solar Grey Cushion, Mercury Grey Cushion, the Skandi Solar Silver Cushion and the Mercury Black Cushion, all of which are ideal for those seeking a touch of futuristic excellence.

Multicoloured magic

A substantial number of customers opt for cushions featuring a wealth of colours rather than one dominant tone. There are over 100 different options to choose from if you are interested in purchasing multicoloured cushions, with the Portrait Fox Cushion, Christmas Hare Cushion, Blooms Pink Peonies Cushion and Secret Garden Cornflowers Cushion being amongst our highest-sellers. The Blooms Spring Garden Cushion features a stunning array of pastel colours that celebrate the natural beauty of English flowers. The painting is printed onto a cotton linen blend, with the cushion featuring a linen-rich reverse.