The Ultimate Guide to Cushions - Scatter cushions, cushions for business and pain relief cushions


Scatter cushions, cushions for business and pain relief cushions

Add excitement to your space with scatter cushions

Scatter cushions are cushions that are placed liberally around your space to create a welcoming, casual feel. Many cushions purchased from Evans Lichfield are used as scatter cushions. You can use scatter cushions to add extra colour, patterns and textures to your space, make a powerful statement about who you are and to create stunning visual themes without spending a vast sum of cash. Many people use scatter cushions to bring all the patterns and colours in their rooms together.

About cushion placement

Placement is very important. Some people opt to place scatter cushions of many different sizes together, whilst others opt for cushions of the same size. It’s a good idea to decide what your colour scheme is before you purchase your cushions. You can opt for cushions in the same colour as other elements of your room or instead colours that compliment them. If your room is lacking in colour, you can use bright colours to liven it up. Different textures can make your space more visually appealing. It’s often best to use different textures when colours are generally the same or similar. If your room is already bright, it may be best to purchase colours in darker tones to avoid an overwhelming effect.

A leading cushion supplier

Whatever you want to achieve with your cushions, we are confident we can provide the solutions that you require. We are a leading source for yellow, grey, teal, orange, green, gold, silver, duck egg blue cushions and pink cushions, with many customers throughout the UK coming to us when they require velvet cushions, Scandi cushions, watercolour cushions, rustic cushions, Nordic cushions and many more. Evans Lichfield is one of the UK’s most prominent cushion manufacturers and the ideal place to buy cushion pads, oblong cushion inserts and more. If you have been wondering where to buy cushions, we can provide you with all the choice and quality you require.

More about buying cushions

Many interior design experts regard cushions as a powerful secret weapon when it comes to creating the right atmosphere in your home. Looking at the existing textures in your space will help you make the right choices when it comes to selecting cushions. When it comes to colours, you can look at your rugs, artwork, curtains, vases and more. You may wish to have a large number of cushions if you regularly find yourself entertaining guests at home. You can also use cushions to liven up office chairs and make the working environment less drab if you work from home.

Children and cushions

Children love to play with and sit on cushions. Cushions can make your children’s play space brighter and more entertaining. It may be best to purchase polyester fibre cushions for children as opposed to duck feather and down products as the former are more resistant to wear and tear. Children’s heads are small, which means most cushions can also double up as pillows. It’s normally best to wait until your children are aged three or over before you supply them with a pillow. The cushion or pillow that you buy for your child must keep their neck supported and cradle their head if they are to sleep on it.

Cushions for businesses

There are many reasons why businesses may wish to buy cushions for their employees and customers. Bar managers regularly find themselves purchasing cushions for their customers, using them to provide extra comfort and add character to their spaces. Employers also buy cushions to make their staff more comfortable during work breaks or even whilst they are carrying out their duties. More and more employers have been supplying cushions to their staff over recent years.

Heighten productivity

There are all kinds of advantages to doing so. The more comfortable employees are, the more productive they tend to be. Cushions can correct posture, improve feelings of wellness and boost focus. Many employers are also providing relaxation training for their staff and require cushions to create the right level of comfort. Staff often sit on the floor when undergoing training and require comfortable cushions to make the experience a successful one. Cushions are also highly beneficial for people who are recovering from surgery, people travelling to and from work and during meditation. In fact, growing numbers of employers are creating dedicated space for meditation within their business premises and filling them with cushions to accommodate team members. Many people spend a great deal of time on the floor during the working day and require soft barriers to protect them from hard surfaces.

Cushions to alleviate pain

Many people find sitting down uncomfortable and painful. Sitting down can worsen various medical conditions, including haemorrhoids, spinal injuries, back pain and hip pain. Despite this, many of us are expected to remain seated for long periods of time, whether they are at work, eating out with friends and family or sitting in cars. Cushions can go a long way to alleviate the pain associated with sitting and can improve circulation, enhance posture and prevent injuries. If sitting is causing you pain, you may well wish to speak to a medical professional for advice about selecting the right cushion solution for your requirements. A large number of men use cushions to help them cope with prostatitis, sitting on them in a wide range of situations, including during sports events, at work, whilst eating and flying. Cushions can make the healing process more bearable and complement other treatments.

Cushions for everyone

At Evans Lichfield, we provide cushions for various decorative and practical purposes. Having been in the business for over three decades, we can be counted on to provide the wide range of cushions you are looking for, with options available to suit a host of needs. Whether you’re buying cushions to liven up a space, reduce pain, enhance comfort and productivity at work, or cushions for kids, we can help, with options ranging from metallic cushions, grey check cushions, church cushions, stag head cushions and cheap cushions to wall cushions, Scottish cushions and everything in between.