Yellow Cushion Covers

There are many great reasons for opting for the colour yellow when choosing home furnishings and accents. Yellow comes with a range of positive associations and is one of the most cheerful colours available to you when you’re making changes to your space. It can add a touch of summer magic to your space all year round and works well with an array of other colours, including white, purple, grey and black to name just a few. 

Welcoming warmth

Yellow has an incredibly warming effect and can add a touch of light to an otherwise dark room. It is commonly used alongside grey in modern spaces and can really stand out when it is paired with dark colours, helping to create a stunning contrast. It is associated with joy, energy and life and is often used as a secondary colour to compliment your primary choice. It is often at its best when placed in a room with simple décor and can also be used as a primary colour if you want your room to feel especially summery. Yellow can be paired with white but is more likely to stand out when combined with darker colours. Grey can tone down bright yellow and therefore provide you with a welcoming space that looks neither garish or dull. 

Source the right items with ease

At Evans Lichfield, we can come to your assistance if you are in need of yellow cushion covers. It’s easy to shop by colour or theme when you browse for cushion covers on our website, and we are always on hand to help if you do require more information about something before you proceed with a purchase. More and more people are opting for our yellow cushions when they wish to transform a room and make it more inviting, and our yellow offerings are ideal for those aiming for a tropical or summery theme. What’s more is that yellow rarely seems to go out of fashion. 

Popular styles

Some of our most popular yellow cushions include the Royal Velvet Yellow Piped Cushion, Nordic Seedheads Ochre Cushion, Country Bumblebee Piped Cushion, Royal Floral Monogrey & Ochre Velvet Piped Cushion and the Watercolour Florals Daffodils Cushion, to give just a few examples. We are confident we can help you brighten up your interior and are able to offer yellow cushions in a whole host of styles, with different texture, fabric, pattern and colourway options. 

Why choose us? 

We make it easier for you to source bespoke handmade cushions and are only happy when you are truly satisfied with your purchase. We are also able to assist you when you require two-tone cushions with colour schemes like yellow and grey, yellow and black plus yellow and blue. Our expert designers are passionate about what they do and are amongst the most creative in the business. We can help you whether you’re seeking something traditional or contemporary, conservative or daring. You can get in touch with us today by calling us on 01543 258797 or by sending a message to orders@evanslichfield.co.uk.